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     Shop 4, 29 Howard Ave, Dee Why NSW 2099
Ph: 9972 2311 Mob: 0412 897 737

Thank you for your enquiry regarding Col's Music House. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Col Woodward. I have been playing Piano & keyboards since the age of 7, and have been both teaching and playing music professionally since the age of 15.

Col's Music House is a vision I had which would enable people of all ages to share the fun, enjoyment that only music can provide. We offer professional music tuition in a "Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere", and importantly, at an affordable price.

The following questions are the most often asked of me, so for your convenience, we have answered each question, I hope to your satisfaction. So please read them through, and then contact me on the above telephone number TO ARRANGE A FREE LESSON.

Q.1. What is unique about CMH?

CMH is an independent music school privately owned by Col Woodward. The school encourages people of all ages to come and learn to play the Piano/Keyboard in a relaxed social atmosphere and meet other people with similar interests.

Q.2. Where is CMH?

Our studio is at Shop 4, 29 Howard Avenue, Dee Why NSW 2099.
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Q.3. What days? What times are the children's classes? And, how long do they go for?

Monday 3:30pm 4:30pm 5:30pm
Tuesday 3:30pm 4:30pm
Wednesday 3:30pm 4:30pm 5:30pm
Thursday 3:30pm 4:30pm
Friday 3:30pm 4:30pm

Class lessons are for a duration of one hour.

For the younger students (i.e. 5 & 6 year olds) there is a 30 minute lesson option.

Q.4. At what age do you recommend children should start?

We prefer to start children no younger than five years of age. But if we think that your child is too young we will advise you to wait until your child is a little older, as we don't want to push a young child too early.

Q.5. I am an adult. Am I too old to learn? And what day & times are my lessons?

We have had great success with adults of all ages. Some of the best players are over 60 years of age. With our modern approach to teaching we can achieve results quickly.

Lesson time are Tuesday to Friday 9.30am.
Monday 5:30pm and Wednesday 5.30pm.
Private lessons available by appointment. (Bring a friend and share the cost)

Q.6. Do you take absolute beginners?

We actually prefer to teach absolute beginners, as they are easier to teach, not having previously learned incorrect methods. We install a positive approach to learning and they may never experience the difficulties self taught students may experience.

Q.7. Who is my teacher?

Col Woodward was born into a musical family and educated in Mancheser England, At age 7 Col studied Piano & Music Arrangement from the family's full time music director Paul Richardson. Col studied with Paul for some 8 years, and at the age of 14 he became the musical director for the familys six piece band "The Family Woodward". The Band arrived in Australia in 1982 that year they won a music talent show called New Faces hosted by Bert Newton, they also appeared on various TV shows. After entertaining for many years Col opened his own music school in Harbord in 1992.

Q.8. How can everyone in the class learn at the same time?

Our studio is fully equipped with digital pianos. We provide headphones for each student so they can practice privately without disturbing others. Each student is taught individually, not as a class. Teachers moniter each student by connecting to the Digital Piano using a dual head set. Col Woodward designs a personal program for each student and is present at every lesson.

Q.9. What type of songs will I learn? And, do I need to buy books?

At CMH we teach a wide range of music. The music is provided free of charge. Everybody loves to learn to play the songs they hear on the radio music they can relate to. Students will practice more if they are playing their favourite songs.

Q.10. What is the cost of a lesson, and how is payment made?

At CMH your first lesson is FREE. The lesson cost is $30.00 (GST Inc).

At the end of your first lesson, you will receive a quote on the remainder of the term. Payment is made in advance during your next lesson. Please note we do not accept weekly payments.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can CMH come to my school and teach at my school?

CMH teaches in a number of schools in the Manly Warringah area. Currently we teach at St John's Narraweena, Manly Vale Public School, Our Lady of Good Counsel (Forestville) and St Rose Wheeler Heights.

If your school is interested in holding lessons, please give us a call.

Do I need to bring my keyboard to the lesson?

No you don't. Our studio is fully equipped with digital pianos.

What if I cannot attend a lesson?

If you cannot attend a lesson, you can reschedule, But this is up to you to organise. They cannot be credited to another term, or refunded.

What if I decide I do not wish to continue?

We have a two week probationary period. Should a student not wish to continue, we will refund the remainder of the fees on a pro-rata basis. After the two week probationary period no refund will be allowed.

How much practice should I do?

At CMH we hope you will enjoy your music so much, that practice will not be a chore. Most students 3 or 4 days per week for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

Are private lessons available?

Yes, Adult Private Lessons are available Monday to Friday from 11.00am.
(Bring a friend and share the cost)

What is your success rate?

At Col's Music House our success rate is very high, over 90%, for the following reasons:

  •   • We know how to nurture an interest in music
  •   • Col teaches piano in a fun way
  •   • He selects music that appeals to the student
  •   • He knows the next progress step for each student
  •   • He teaches people to play for their own enjoyment

Digital Pianos & Keyboards - Do you sell them?

We sell keyboards and digital pianos. Our prices are very competitive.

What do you do during the holidays?

We follow the school terms, i.e. usually a 10-week term, followed by 2 weeks' holiday.

During school holidays, we offer students extra time to make up lessons on certain days.

Private lessons are available during school holidays.

(Bring a friend and share the cost)


CMH offers a unique style of teaching. Students enjoy their music, make friends, they have the opportunity to learn from more advanced students who are excellent role models.

Col is passionate about teaching music, and gets great pleasure in watching a beginner student become a competent player. CMH is a small caring business, built on personal recommendations.

To book in for your first FREE LESSON or further information contact us on 9972 2311.


Col's Music House
Ph 9972 2311 or 0412 897 737
Shop 4, 29 Howard Avenue, Dee Why NSW 2099
Email: col@colsmusichouse.com.au